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Direct Dyes

Our Products

The ranges of Direct Dyes for cotton manufactured by our company are affordable, easy to apply and also yield very bright colours. They are directly applied to a substrate in a neutral or even alkaline bath to produce full shades on cotton and linen without mordanting. They can also be applied on rayon, silk, and wool to give bright shades. To enhance the wash fastness, various after treatments can be done on to the fabric.

Acid Dyes are utilised in the process of dyeing and colouring protein and animal fibres like wool, nylon, fabric and silk. They have high wash fastness which provides best colour quality. Our Acid dyes are in high demand and used in bulk quantities in textile dyeing, printing, leather, wool coating and ink industries. The complex structure, large aromatic molecules, and water-soluble anionic property of acid dyes enhance the solubility and help them stick well with cationic groups in fibre for long lasting effect.

Basic Dyes are also known as cationic dyes and they comprise the class of synthetic dyes acting as bases. The basic dyes that we offer are widely used in the textile industries, acrylic fibers manufacturing and many other industrial applications. The basic dyes are also applied in the production of bright and deep shades and they show superior light and wash fastness. Their usage provides similar effect to that given by direct dyes and requires application in very precise quantities.