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Auramine O

The appearance of alkaline yellow O is yellow powder, soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water and bright yellow, and boiled and decomposed. Also soluble in alcohol is yellow. The dye powder is colorless in concentrated sulfuric acid and turns pale yellow after dilution; it is orange in concentrated nitric acid. The aqueous solution is added with hydrochloric acid to become dark yellow, and heated to boiling to be colorless; the sodium hydroxide dyeing solution has a white precipitate. Dyed on silk fiber, it is bright yellow, and it is red under tungsten light.

Application: Used for silk, acrylic, tannin mordant dyeing cotton dyeing, also can be used for leather, paper, hemp and glue directly printing and dyeing, the discharge printing. Can also be used in oil and fat, paint color, also can be used in the preparation of color which used in ink.

Packing: 25KGs pp Drum

Chemical Structure: