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Sunset Yellow FCF

Sunset yellow color is a synthetic azo dye that is commonly used in fermented foods that require to be heat treated. This color is primarily used as a food colorant to lend a sunset yellow color to the food, sometimes also known as the orange yellow. All of these are other names for the sunset yellow (e110) dye. It has a melting point of 300 degree Celsius.

Application: Sunset yellow is used in foods, condoms, cosmetics, and drugs. Sunset yellow FCF is used as an orange or yelloworange dye. For example, it is used in candy, desserts, snacks, sauces, and preserved fruits. Sunset yellow is often used in conjunction with E123, amaranth, to produce a brown colouring in both chocolates and caramel.

Packing: 25KGs pp Drum

Chemical Structure:

Packing: 25KGs pp Drum