Rainbow Dye-Tech (Pvt) Ltd.

Ali Chughtai

Ali Chughtai CEO Chairman and Executive Director of Rainbow Dye-Tech (Pvt.) Limited,Mr. Ali joined family business of manufacturing colors after completion of his studies in 2019. Having an ambition coupled with a family legacy- of over three decades of experience in making dyes and synthetic colors-has enabled him to master this art of formulating colors. […]

Abdul Majeed Chughtai

Abdul Majeed Chughtai Director One of the pioneers in color manufacturing in the country, Mr. Abdul Majeed Chughtai needs no introduction in this field. He has been making colors for over three decades now. His areas of expertise include segments like food, paper, pharma, textile, leather and paint. Mr. Majeed’s remarkable success can be witnessed […]

Umar M. Chughtai

Umar M. Chughtai Director Mr. Umar Majeed Chughtai is Director of Rainbow Dye Tech (Pvt.) Limited. He holds extensive experience in Business Management. The family business provided him with a platform to acquire competence to conduct business affairs in a manner to maximize efficiency. The powerful business values he inherited, guides him to safeguard business […]

Usman Chughtai

Usman Chughtai Director Mr. Usman Majeed has a vast experience at expanding market share of his consumer products, his family has been proudly manufacturing for decades. For many years he has been spear heading respective departments to respond to market dynamics and consumer sentiment in an ever competitive environment, both at intra and inter-national level. […]