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Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow

Red light yellow. Soluble in water for red light yellow, slightly soluble in soluble fiber element, insoluble in other organic solvents. The strong sulfuric acid is a deep in the red,
diluted into dark yellow, and with brown precipitation; In nitric acid partly dissolved for yellow brown, to olive; Partly dissolved in strong hydrochloric acid with black. The dye solution to join strong hydrochloric acid into olive yellow, Add thick sodium hydroxide solution with gold orange precipitation. Dye met in the bath of copper (colored light turned green, iron ion a dark colored, meet zinc,
ammonium become yellow light orange. There is he strong photosensitive brittle loss function.

Application: Used for cotton or viscose dyeing, general is not used for printing, also can be used for leather, paper color. Most used for cotton knitted content and blankets, few dyeing cotton cloth, also suitable for viscose silk and silk blended interwoven fabric dyeing.

Packing: 25KGs pp Drum

Chemical Structure: