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Leather Dyes

Leather Dyes

Available at competitive prices, Rainbow Dye-Tech manufactured leather dyes are superior in quality and function with great amount of precision on different types of leathers. We offer our exclusive range of leather dyes to improve and enhance the look, shine and life of various leather products. We provide an extensive range of shades, which are suitable for dyeing all types of leather and available in distinct grades and specifications.

RainBow Dye Tech

This range can be used in:

Metanil Yellow Acid Yellow 36 13065
Acid Orange ll Acid Orange 7 15510
Red 2G Acid Red 97 22890
Scarlet Red 3R Acid Red 18 16255
Red Moo Acid Red 73 27290
Bismarck Brown Y Basic Brown 1 21000
Leather Black Acid Black 210 300285